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The following are actual emails that we received. This camera was a top seller until it was replaced by the G4-12EXS. This email, and others like it are the reason that we only sell top quality products.

The Friends of Blackwater would like to let you know how pleased we are with our CDN-12 cam. This is a great product and Bob has been a terrific help.

The cam is installed on a American Bald Eagle's nest on the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Installing the cam on an Eagles nest is a problematic effort since the cam needs to be installed before we know for certain the Eagles will use the nest. Our only clue is that the nest was used to raise eaglets last year. We install it then hope for the best. While not yet a certainty we have a pair of eagles working on the nest, getting ready for the mating season. Another CDN-12 is installed on an Osprey nest but those birds have migrated for the winter. Go to the link below and see the results:

Click Here to Visit the Friends of Blackwater site.
Eagle Cam
Click Here to Visit the Friends of Blackwater site.
Fish Hawk/Osprey Cam


We have used other cams but they were not as reliable. We have also recommended this cam to others that want to put a cam on nature sites.

Thanks...Tom Hook
Friends of Blackwater

Hey Bob,

One of our viewers noticed you have removed our link from your page that advertises the cam we use, that's too bad. Did you notice we have 3 eaglets in the nest? Are you sure you want to take our web site off your ad for the cam? Ospreys will return in a week or so. Last year's Osprey cam is still working (for 12 months) even though it hasn't been on the web site (no birds). We plan to have 2 cams on the web site when the Ospreys return in a week or so, and they are your cams. Good advertising for you at the right price.


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